Service & Areawise Acolytes

Service and Areawise Acolytes

1st Lesson
2nd Lesson
Jan-10 (Fri) Kaisthana Samithi,
Children Service
Honouring the Body as Temple of God (Temperance Day)
Eccl 6:1-12
1Pet 1:13-25
1Cor 3:16-23 Matt 5:21-30
Jan-17 (Fri) Tabore Called to Unity (Ecumenical Sunday)
Ezek 37:15-23
1Cor 1:10-17 Eph 4:1-6 John 15:1-12
Jan-24 (Fri) Bethany Christian Participation in Nation Building
Neh 2:11-18
Rev 21:1-8 1Pet 2:13-17 Luke 3:7-14
Jan-31 (Fri) Bethel Mayaltho-Presentation of our Lord in the Temple (Medical Mission Sunday)
1Sam 1:19-28

Heb 10:1-14
Rom 11:33-36, 12:1-2 Luke 2:22-39
Feb-7 (Fri) Kaisthana Samithi,
Children Service
Sabbath: Leading to the Perfection of Creation (Beginning of the 125th Maramon Convention)
Isa 65:17-25
Heb 4:1-13
Col 1:15-24 Mark 2:23-28
Feb-14 (Fri) Carmel Fall: Violation of the Purpose of Creation (End of Maramon Convention)
Gen 6:1-13
Rom 5:12-21 Rom 7:14-25 Matt 7:15-23
Feb-21 (Fri) Christos Pethrutha – Beginning of Great Lent-Lent Time of Transformation
Isa 44:21-28
1Tim 1:12-17 Rom 11:13-24 John 2:1-11
Feb-28 (Fri) Ebenezer The Cleansing Christ
Zech 13:1-9
1John 1:5-10 Eph 2:1-10 Mark 1:40-45
Mar-6 (Fri) Kaisthana Samithi,
Children Service
The Forgiving Christ
Gen 4:8-16
Acts 16:11-18 Rom 5:6-11 Mark 2:1-12
Mar-13 (Fri) Hebron The Accepting Christ
Hos 2:14-23
Phlm 1:1-21 Gal 6:1-5 Matt 15:21-28
Mar-20 (Fri) Hermon The Redeeming Christ
Exod 3:1-10
Rom 8:31-39 Gal 5:1-12 Luke 13:10-17
Mar-27 (Fri) Horeb The Restoring Christ
Job 42:10-17
Phil 2:5-11 Eph 2:1-10 Mark 10:46-52

Worship Timing

7:30 pm Thursdays
Holy Qurbana Service (Malayalam)
7:30 am Fridays
Holy Qurbana Service (Malayalam)
7:30 am 2nd Fridays
Holy Qurbana Service (English)

Verse of the Day

Judges 9:17 - "(For my father fought for you, and adventured his life far, and delivered you out of the hand of Midian:"

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