Former Vicars

Rev.<br/> M. O. Oommen Sr.
M. O. Oommen Sr.
1967 to 1968
Late Rev. D. Alexander
Late Rev. D. Alexander1968 to 1969
Late Rev. K. S. Varghese
Late Rev. K. S. Varghese1969 to 1972
Rev. K. M. Varghese
Rev. K. M. Varghese1972 to 1975
Rev. George Zacharia
Rev. George Zacharia1975 to 1978
Late Rev. I. C. Philip
Late Rev. I. C. Philip1978 to 1981
Late Rev. Joseph M. Joseph
Late Rev. Joseph M. Joseph1981 to 1984
Rev. Scariah Abraham
Rev. Scariah Abraham1984 to 1987
Rev. T. K. Mathew
Rev. T. K. Mathew1987 to 1990
Rev. T. T. Thomas
Rev. T. T. Thomas1990 to 1992
Rev. Charlie Jones
Rev. Charlie Jones1992 to 1995
(Late) Rev. T. P. Koshy
(Late) Rev. T. P. Koshy1995 to 1998
Rev. Prasad Ponnachen
Rev. Prasad Ponnachen1998 to 2001
Rev. Thomas Varghese
Rev. Thomas Varghese2001 to 2004
Rev. Abey K. Joshua
Rev. Abey K. Joshua2004 to 2007
Rev. T. M. Jacob
Rev. T. M. Jacob2007 to 2010
Rev. Mathew Scaria
Rev. Mathew Scaria2010 to 2013
Rev. V. P. Philip  Asst Vicar
Rev. V. P. Philip Asst Vicar2009 to 2012
Rev. Shibu O. Plavila Asst Vicar
Rev. Shibu O. Plavila Asst Vicar2012 to 2015
Rev. P. S. Yesudasan
Rev. P. S. Yesudasan2013 to 2016
Rev. George John  Asst Vicar
Rev. George John Asst Vicar2015 to 2018
Rev. Jyothish Sam
Rev. Jyothish Sam2016 to 2019

Worship Timing

7:30 pm Thursdays
Holy Qurbana Service (Malayalam)
7:30 am Fridays
Holy Qurbana Service (Malayalam)
7:30 am 2nd Fridays
Holy Qurbana Service (English)

Verse of the Day

Luke 22:1 - "Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover."

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