Teenage Fellowship

Teen fellowship, under the banner of Children Service, offers a platform for teenagers to learn through problems and situations specific to the teenage period in life. Children are given opportunities to express themselves through leadership, group discussions, singing, Bible study and field activities.

The emphasis is to perceive God’s love and care through problems faced, and provisions for life.

Regular Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 4:30PM to 6:00PM at the church.

Office Bearers :

Designation Name Phone Mail ID
Coordinator Mr. Mathew Joseph 55283302 Mathewxjoseph@gmail.com
Members Mrs. Anita Abraham 55724495 nt.brhm@yahoo.com
Members Dr. Vinitha Koshy vinithakoshy@hotmail.com
Members Ms. Leena Varghese 66875084 leenarv@yahoo.com
Members Ms. Renu 66757054 Renu024@hotmail.com
Members Ms. Anpu M. Jacob 55185263 hrdmpt@gmail.com
Members Mr. Philip Mannil 55166315 philip.mannil@gmail.com
Members Mr. Alexander George 33255815 Alge74@gmail.com
Members Ms. Leiley Mathew 66053485 Lesmathew13@gmail.com
Members Dr. Saji Thomas 55599242 Drsajithomas01@gmail.com
Members Mr. Shoji Issac 55305850 shojiisaac@yahoo.com