Christian Medical Fellowship

Christian Medical Fellowship was initiated in the month of September 2012 in a formal meeting conducted in the Church Prayer Hall, after the Church service. This meeting was presided by Rev. Shibu O Plavila and was inaugurated by Rev.Mathew Skariah.

Rev. Shibu O Plavila was the founder President and Dr. Rooney Mathew was the founder Vice president. The CMF committee consists of members from all hospitals.

The Christian Medical Fellowship members  includes all healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other members  working in the hospital.

This Fellowship was started with the main goal of assisting the members of our church in meeting their healthcare needs. An Emergency Team will attend to the needs of the Parish members during the services.

A Team made with telephone numbers, will attend to the various Emergency Needs of the Parish members, who either attend the various Hospital for their needs or when admitted to the hospitals for help or guidance

The CMF meeting is conducted every second Friday of the month, soon after the church service in the prayer hall. During the meeting, Medical Talks, which comprises of a Health Awareness by one of the CMF members in the church.

At present, we have 102 registered members in this Fellowship.

Office bearers (2016-2017)

The present office bearers of Christian Medical Fellowship are as follows :-

Name Position Email Telephone
Rev.Jyothish Sam President 55569164
Dr. Jogy Mathew Vice president 55518955
Mr. A V Mathew Treasurer  74767435
Mr. Jetty George Secretary  55210903
Mrs. Mary Mathew Lady Secretary
Dr. Joji Mathews Office Bearers
Dr. Silas Benjamin Office Bearers
Dr. Varughese P. T. Auditor
Dr. Cicy Mary Jacob Committee Member
Mrs. Lisy Sunny Committee Member
Mr. Saramma George Committee Member