Children’s Service

Children’s Service activities are mainly on Fridays, after Worship Service. Timing is 10 AM to 11.30 AM. Nursery to Senior II level Students participate in the Children’s Service Classes. Age group is 4 to 17 years. Classes are divided based on the age of a student. The motto of Children’s Service is “Come to Jesus, bring every child to Jesus”.

Main Activities:

  • The Children’s Service starts with theme song and then first 20 minutes are devoted for Music Session and the next 40 minutes are set apart for Bible Studies and on the third Friday of every month students are trained to lead the Children’s Service Worship section (Kauma).
  • The Music Session is led by Mr. Kurian Thomas, Mr. Biji K. Thomas and Mrs. Jisha Jose.
  • They are supported with Musical Instruments played by Senior Students of Children’s Service and former Children’s Service Student Mr. Prince George
    The lyrics of the songs taught is displayed for the children and the Audio Visual part is supported by Mr. Ajay James and Mr. Mathew Joseph.

The Classes are distributed according to the age group which is further divided out in to many divisions and each class comprises of a maximum of 10 students.

  • Total of 857 nos of Students take part in Children’s Service activities,.
  • Total of 85 teachers provide dedicated service in Children’s Service

The Children’s Service follows Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam Syllabus.

  • Academic Year commences from first week of January and ends during the last week of December.
  • Annual Exam is conducted in the month of November, as per the Samajam guidelines .

Annual Day is celebrated during the month of December.

  • Meritorious students are given prizes
  • Outgoing Senior II Students are given mementos and Certificates to cherish their Children’s Service days in Doha.

Additional Activities
Vacation Bible School is held during Eid Holidays/School Holidays, under the leadership of trained personnel deputed by the Diocesan Episcopa. Syllabus of Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam is being followed in VBS also.

Summer Vacation Activities
When the Schools in Doha are closed for Summer Vacation, special Summer Vacation activities are conducted for those children who are not going for Vacation. Priority is given for Student’s involvement in all activities.

Teenage Fellowship
T/Fellowship is held twice in a month during Friday evening hours. Activities of Teenagers’ Fellowship includes, support and guidance sessions, group discussions, Bible classes, presentations on a variety of subjects including life skills and personality development, music sessions, recreational activities including picnic etc. Children take the lead in singing, Bible-reading and other aspects of conducting the meetings. Mr. Mathew Joseph serves as the Co-ordinator of the Teenage Fellowship, supported by various well-wishers of the Parish and Teachers of children’s Service.

Is held every year, in which Children’s Service Students, Parents and other members of the Parish participate with enthusiasm.

Talent Search Programmes.
Are conducted during the summer vacation / winter vacation period, to develop the talents of the children and winners are given prizes.

Counseling Sessions
Are also conducted to develop the emotional health of the Children by Mrs. Leena Varghese, who is trained in the area of Counseling take care of this job.

Parent – Teacher meetings are conducted every year for the purpose of getting feedback from the parents and appropriate changes are incorporated to develop the Services of Children’s Service.

Office Bearers :

Designation Name Phone Mail ID
President Rev. Jyothish Sam 55569164
Head Master Mr. Varughese Varughese 55858914
Secretary Ms.P J Abraham 55875411
Treasurer Mr. Tijoy Mathew 55767182
Church Committee Member Mr.Raju Mathew 55212827
Sunday School Samajam Rep. Mr. Raju Mathew 55212827